Entrepreneur? CEO? Investor?
This is how you win the game of business!

Use the first principles of business to explore the future.

Find a Moongrab and disrupt your industry!
Is your business ready to be the new benchmark in your industry?


Define the limits of the industry you want to explore. The systems works just as well for global and local.


Find all the businesses that are active in your chosen field and determine their problems and solutions.


Discover the moons that are available for grabbing in your industry and learn if they are opportunities or threats.

The board is all you need to start mapping out your industry. It will reveal the chess game your business is participating in.

You will instantly see what the best opportunities and the greatest threats in your industry are.

Along with the free template, you will also get a sample board for you to reference.


Sometimes, when I try to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game.

To help you get the most out of the board, I have developed a game to go along with it. The game takes your from start to finish in filling out the board and guides you on what to do at every step.

The game and the board live inside a Google spreadsheet that helps you to keep track of all the variables, including all the active businesses in your industry.

Using the board and the game you can discover Moongrabs whenever you want to.


The game will make the process of innovation and business evaluation fun and easy. Zero brainstorming required.

You will get the full spreadsheet that lets you automatically fill out your board. You will also get a video overview of how the board and game works.

As a bonus, you will also get free access to monthly, live introduction sessions to the board and game where you get help in using your board.

Grab your team, block at least 2 hours and get to grabbing!